Fake Vapes and How to avoid them

The vape industry is expanding every day but the concern regarding fake vape products still remains. This blog discusses the top 7 ways in which you can avoid fake vape products.

For decades, counterfeit goods have been a problem with practically all items, and they have now crept into the vaping sector in the form of fake vape products. The market for disposable vapes is particularly struggling and it is becoming increasingly impossible to avoid fake vape products. Shady gamers have recently begun manufacturing fake versions of all the most well-liked vaping items, including mods, tanks, pods, disposables, batteries, chargers, you name it. Regarding the source of your goods purchases, you must use considerable caution. However, even if you buy your goods from a reliable vendor, it’s still possible that a phony product accidentally entered their stock. What then can you do?   

Well, in this blog we are going to give you the top seven tips that will help you identify fake vape products. We are not only going to give you that but also ways to avoid fake vape products. So, without any further wait, let’s jump right in: 

  • Purchase from a Trusted Source – By buying your vaping supplies from a trustworthy retailer, you can best guard yourself against fake vape products on the market. Verify the reliability of the vape shop, whether it is an online or physical location. To find out whether other customers have mentioned buying fakes from the store you’re buying from, you might conduct some research on it. You may also read the store’s reviews. Your best chance is often to shop at a well-known, long-standing vape shop like Big Apple Trading where you can find all your favorite smoke and vape products from world-renowned brands. 
  • Examine the Authenticity Label or CodeThis point is one of the major parts that you can follow to avoid fake vape products. The majority of producers are perfectly aware that their goods are being imitated. Many manufacturers mark their vape items with a code or authenticity sticker to help their customers determine if the product is genuine or not. However, they can occasionally be seen on mods, tanks, and pod vapes as well. This authenticity verification sticker is most frequently found on disposable vapes and e-liquids. Make sure your product’s packaging has an authentic label. A glossy sticker or QR code is frequently used for this. Most of the time, all you need to do is scan the QR code or enter the box code into the manufacturer’s website. 
  • Verify the maximum capacityComing at number three, verifying the maximum capacity is one of the best ways to avoid fake vape products. If a disposable vape’s tank capacity exceeds the permitted size or the size listed on the manufacturer’s website, it is one of the easiest signs that it is a fake. This is especially true for the European market, where these limitations are prevalent. For instance, in much of Europe, a vaporizer with a capacity of more than 2 ml is almost certainly phony. For better or worse, the majority of the US has no restrictions of this kind, therefore spotting a fake can be more difficult. Customers may, however, look up the capacity specified for a particular product on a brand’s website. It is probably a fake if the item they are viewing in the store does not match this. 
  • Verify the nicotine content The level of nicotine is another easy method to tell the difference between authentic and fake products. The majority of European nations have established a limit of 20 mg/ml or 2%. However, a typical concentration for disposables is 50 mg/ml or 5%. Finding a stronger vape is therefore highly likely. In the US, there aren’t any laws like this currently, but 20 mg/ml has been proposed as a nationwide limit for some time. 
  • Verify the overall number of puffsSome disposable vapes will mark their items with the average amount of puffs rather than the tank capacity information. This is normally restricted to 600 puffs in Europe. Again, this is not relevant because there are now no capacity restrictions in America. It may be a phony product, nevertheless, if the gadget is proposing a tank size that does not correspond to the predicted puffs. Approximately 600–800 puffs should be obtained from a 2ml tank.
  • Look up the largest refill bottle volumeIt’s possible to find fake refill bottles in addition to the throwaway goods. Anything greater is probably a fraudulent product as Europe has restricted e-liquid refills to 10ml. The manufacturer’s bottle sizes are an excellent method to find out if the product is authentic, even if the US does not have this requirement. When a store offers a well-known e-liquid in a size that does not correspond to the manufacturer’s specified options, it is obvious that the product is phony.
  • Review the Packaging Last but not least, if you want to avoid fake vape products, always check the packaging. Even if a product satisfies all of the aforementioned requirements, there may be techniques to identify phony goods. Genuine producers usually invest a fair amount of time and money to make sure their product seems to be of excellent quality. This is less of a concern to counterfeit makers, who instead choose to cut costs. Packaging with grammatical mistakes, fuzziness in the photos or typography, or unreadable typefaces and logos nearly usually indicates a fraudulent product. Once more, this indicates that it is crucial to verify on the manufacturer’s website what the final product should seem like. 

So, the next time you plan to buy any vape products and want to avoid fake vape products at all costs, visit us at Big Apple Trading and explore a new world of infinite possibilities.